When Is The Right Time To Assess Your Tile Cleaning?

Most people choose the tiles of their choice for rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other places. They provide the best-looking and durable option for carpeting. Cleaning tiles aren’t as difficult as grout because it requires thorough repainting. So, there are some common causes of stains and discoloration of tile floors are such as;

  • Some liquid leaks, dust, dust, dirt, trash can be exposed in daily life.
  • Moisture has a damaging effect due to mold and mildew to decreased ventilation.
  • The porous type of grout and other spills very easily.
  • It builds up soap scum from mopping, bathing, or showering..

Regular tile floor cleaning and mopping can maintain your home clean. It’s not enough to clean dirty tiles, you need to be kept shiny. So let’s know how you should use some tips to maintain your shining tile and grout cleaning;

  • By cleaning the spills promptly, you can avoid tile discoloration.
  • Debris collects on the floor every day with shoes, slippers, so it can be removed with a sweep or vacuum cleaning regularly.
  • After cleaning the tiles, use water to remove any detergent left on the floor.
  • Keep the tile away from bleach or any harsh chemicals as it can damage the tiles.
  • Remove leftover soap scum or moisture to prevent mold and mildew after bathing.
Tile Cleaning

Natural tips for tile cleaning

Maintaining the shine of the tile during professional cleaning as some of the things you can put in your room. So, These natural compounds should be considered to keep your tiles shiny: Take a spray bottle including the mixture of lemon, vinegar and water. 

  • Baking soda 

Baking Soda is the best natural method to remove stains on the white tiles. You can use some remedies: take one cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of vinegar (in white colour), and hot water. You also can add some drops of lavender essential oil, for a scent.

  • Use vinegar

 Take equal amounts of rubbing alcohol, vinegar, water, half a teaspoon of liquid soap, and a few drops of peppermint oil. So, It works very effectively. You use a spray bottle or bucket on your tile and floor. 

  • For Fast & simple way

 To remove mold in your tiles, use equal parts of lemon drops and baking soda powder in a spray bottle. This method works very fast and easily. Spray the solution on your mildew and mold area; leave it for an hour,  then you can rinse.

  • For Eliminate germs

Applying a mouthwash mixed with warm water is a simple, refreshing process to eliminate the germs on your tile floor. So, This mixture works well on tile or vinyl floors, but not on the wood.

Cleaning your tile floor is a messy and laborious process. If you need cleaning tile and grout in your home, contact the professionals at Fresh Tile Cleaning. So, Experts can help you bring back the shine to dull, discolored floors. If you want to clean your house’s tile and floors, contact us now.

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