What Is The Best Thing To Use To Clean Tile

Tiles are a very important part of your floors or walls. They give them a beautiful look and provide them with a better surface. Therefore, it is necessary to keep tiles neat and tidy with low possibilities of pathogen presence on its surface. Having dirty and infectious tiles may be the main reason for numerous diseases. Also, someone may get a wound by slipping on it due to less friction. These are general issues which most people face everyday. 

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How To Get Rid Of Dirty Tiles?

Tiles can get dirty due to numerous reasons. Therefore, we are here with numerous ways by which you can get rid of dirty tiles and keep yourself safe.

  • Mopping – Mopping is the basic and classic tile cleaning method to get rid of dirty and unhygienic tiles. You just need to take a mop stick and wipe the entire floor with it. You may use some disinfectant liquid or normal water too to rub the tiles.
  • Mould Removal – Moulds are one of the most ugly and dangerous types of fungi. They can be dangerous to you for a lot of reasons as they can cause bacterial bloom diseases and poisoning issues. These moulds generally grow on wet or moist floors. Therefore, you must get rid of these moulds on your tiles by adding equal amounts of lemon juice and baking soda into a container and mixing them properly. Then just spray it or spread it over these tiles with moulds. Then wait for a couple of minutes and clean the tiles. It’s an easy and also cost-effective DIY method for tile cleaning.
  • Mint Wash -Mint wash is a most commonly used DIY tile cleaning remedy. In this technique you need to mix equal volumes of water, vinegar and rubbing alcohol along with peppermint oils and liquid dish soap into a container. Then you need to mop the floor with this liquid formulation.
  • Baking Soda Scrub – Baking soda scrub is generally used to clean the hard marks of various stains such as coffee stains, urine stains, blood stains etc. To make this liquid to clean tiles you need to mix vinegar, water and liquid dish soap along with some baking soda. Then you just need to clean the stains by mopping the floor by this formulation.
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Get An Expert’s Help?
To get rid of dirty and unhygienic tiles is not easy for an individual because usage of some chemicals is subject to medical risk. The process requires high professionalism, experience and skill set. Therefore, always go for professional help in case you’re having dirty tiles. Hire Fresh Tile Cleaning as soon as possible services for tile cleaning Melbourne. You just need to call us at 0488 848 976 to get better assistance.

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