What Are The Best Ways To Clean A Bathroom ?

By | October 5, 2018

Bathroom tiles cleaning takes more time to clean comparatively from kitchen tiles. You need stronger cleaning solutions and put enough hard work to clean the tiles. The surface of bathroom tiles stays in contact with water for longer time, which grows fungus and other bacteria on the tiles. That why bathroom tiles needed to be cleaned often because it’s frequency of use.

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Here are some home-made cleaning solutions you can use in order to clean bathroom tiles. Some methods are also mentioned below, you can try it for best tile and grout cleaning Melbourne.

Bathroom Tile Cleaning

Bathroom Tile Cleaning


Vinegar is the most versatile and effective natural cleaners among all other cleaners. Because of its acidic nature, it removes the mould and prevents it from going again. Vinegar is the strong enemy of mould, mildew and other bacterias and it’s also effective in cutting through soap scum, water spots and mineral deposits.

Just add an equal amount of distilled water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Now, spray it on the surface of the tile and let it sit for a few minutes. Now use a brush to or sponge to scrub the surface and remove any dirt and spot. If the stain is too stubborn you can use baking soda with vinegar, it’ll work on the spot.

Vinegar is also safe for daily use, you can spray it daily to prevent moulds, mildew and bacteria.

Bathroom Tile Cleaning With Vinegar

Bathroom Tile Cleaning With Vinegar


Salt is the most powerful weapon against mould, it kills the single-cell organism by dehydrating them. Surprisingly you need to wet the area while applying salt. Take a damp cloth and then apply salt, just add the right amount of water to make a perfect paste of water and salt. Scrub the surface thoroughly and clean it.

Lemon Juice

Similarly, like vinegar lemon juice is also acidic which effectively removes moulds and mildews. Lemon juice works best with baking soda. So you can use it the mixture of baking soda and lemon juice.

Bathroom Tile Cleaning With Lemon Juice

Bathroom Tile Cleaning With Lemon Juice


Borax is a chemical for multipurpose use, it is a high alkaline substance with a PH of 9.3. Borax not only clean the area it kills bacteria and deodorizes the whole tiles.

Add some borax in a bowl and then take a damp sponge to stick some borax on it. Scrub the surface using the sponge and scrub it until it becomes clean.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning tiles and grout is an all in one solution, it’s the safest way of cleaning tiles. Steam cleans everything which comes in its way, thus it’s always recommended for carpet cleaning.

You can either do the steam cleaning by your self or hire a professional for steam cleaning. When you do the steam cleaning by yourself, you need to buy or rent the steam cleaning machine. Before starting steam cleaning read the machine instructions carefully and do the work accordingly. You can hire professional too, there are many good tile and grout cleaners Melbourne. You can contact them and book a cleaning session.

Bathroom Tile Steam Cleaning

Bathroom Tile Steam Cleaning