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Tile stripping is the most economical way of having lustrous, shiny, and gleamingly gorgeous tile floors. The appearance of your property is indicative of your social status, the standard of living, and business image. If you want to set a good impression amongst your clients then it is necessary to have everything in order. When your tile floors are dirty, broken, damaged, the entire appeal of your premises loses its charm. Fresh Tile Cleaning can help you with that by providing first-class tile stripping services. 

Our tile stripping Melbourne team excels in all aspects of tile stripping and with the help of advanced technology, you can enjoy rapid and effective services. Approach us now for the best services.

Tile Stripping Services Melbourne

Tile Stripping Services Melbourne

The following are the 5 reasons why you should for tile stripping services in Melbourne:

1. Aesthetic Appearance

When you wax your tiles, it builds up dirt and debris and results in yellow or brown discoloration. This, in turn, is abusing the eyes of the visitors to your home or business premises. Therefore, before applying the next layer of wax, strip the existing tiles of the older layer. Wax has hydrophobic film properties that repel water, dirt, and debris. As a result, you can clean the tiled floor easily and maintain its aesthetic value.

2. Economically Elegant

If you are using softer flooring surfaces such as VCT, linoleum, or Marmoleum, apply several layers of finishing materials for protecting the floor from the wear and tear caused due to trafficking and the consequent dirt and debris dragged onto it. If you strip and wax the tiles at regular intervals of six months, it will be economical, while retaining their elegance.

3. Prevents Lifting of Tiles

If the protective coating is worn out, the tiles become vulnerable to water and debris. They get into the cracks of the tiles making the glues ineffective to hold the tiles in place. As a result, you will find individual tiles being lifted. This may even cause an accident if someone stumbles on it unknowingly. Moreover, for setting the right few tiles you may have to displace few others, thus incurring additional cost.

4. Prevents Stains

The tiles stain due to the friction by the shoes while walking over them. It is also possible that some kind of heavy pointed materials carried over it may make scratches or stains on the tile. Even a single scratch or stain may spoil the holistic appearance of the floor.

5. Less Expensive than Full Restorative Procedure

To keep the tiles in their original lustrous state, take up complete restorative stripping and re-coating procedure every year. But once you go in for regular stripping and waxing, you may not have to take it up at all

Wrapping Up

We hope the above article would have convinced you to take tile stripping seriously. However, it is highly recommended to hire an expert tile cleaning company in Melbourne to get the best results.

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