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We are Fresh Tile Cleaning. We provide amazing tile and grout cleaning services across Canberra. Our agency is famous for providing professional services on time. We have a team of experienced professionals. They help us deliver our services all around Canberra. Many of our clients find our services to be effective and affordable. Hence, we try our best to satisfy your needs. Our staff is very hardworking and dedicated towards their job. Book with us today and get the tiles and grout cleaned at your home. For booking, contact us at 0488 848 976.

    How can we help you?


    Worry Not! Fresh Tile Cleaning is here with specialized cleaning techniques which can make your dull and yellow looking surfaces and tiles shine and look new as before. We are a leading tile and grout cleaning company in Canberra. We are backed up by local tile and grout cleaners who clean your tiles and make them sparklingly shiny. Also, we have a team for your search “Tile removers near me”. Further, our services are available for both residential and commercial areas.


    Benefits of Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

    The look and feel of new tiles are always exhilarating. You may do the heavy cleaning by yourself but odds are that you would not get it as clean as you should. So, instead of tackling it yourself leave this job to the professionals of Fresh Tile Cleaning in Canberra.

    These are the benefits of having a professional tile and grout cleaning service:


    Brand new look

    The cleaners of our company will revitalize the tiles of your house and will make them reveal they’re true beauty.


    Eliminates moulds and bacteria

    Our professionals and their cleaning processes will help in flushing of the microscopic organisms residing in the tile and grout.


    Prolongs their life

    Regular cleaning does not only provide a new look to the tiles but also extends their life.


    Specialized techniques

    Tiles are made up of a variety of materials. Unknowingly applying any cleaning solutions can harm them. Thus, hiring our professional tile and grout cleaning services will make you free from all these worries as the cleaners know exactly what solutions to use and in what ratio. You can hire the best team with us for your finding “Tile cleaning services near me”. 



    Our tile cleaning experts are experienced in every type of tile cleaning and sealing process. Further, they do their job efficiently without any damage.



    Thorough cleaning not only requires energy and knowledge but time too. So, save your time for your family and friends and avoid spending them cleaning your bathrooms and floors. You can hire the best team with your search “Grout Cleaners Near Me”. 


    Our Tile Grout Cleaning Services In Canberra

    Fresh Tile Cleaning deals with all types of tile cleaning services. Here are a few of our tile and grout cleaning Canberra services:


    Tile and grout cleaning Canberra


    Tile and grout cleaning

    With specific cleaning agents and techniques, our tile cleaners will help clean all the dirt and grime from the tiles and make them shine as before. Tile and grout cleaning is the basic service and it is included in all of the other services. We can not restore dirty and stained tiles so we firstly clean them and proceed ahead. We have the perfect arrangements for your search ” grout cleaning services near me”. So, we are the best for both Professional Grout Cleaning and Professional Tile Cleaning and you can contact us for cleaning all kinds of Floor tiles in Canberra.


    Tile stripping and sealing Canberra


    Tile stripping and sealing

    Our expert tile cleaning professionals will effectively seal the expensive tiles of your home with an effective sealant that prevents deterioration and contamination of the tiles. Not only this, but we will also remove, strip and scrub the old sealant and reseal them back to restore the original appearance of the floor. You can trust our Tile Removal Canberra team for all of these services. 


    Tile regrouting and repair Canberra


    Tile regrouting and repair

    We can also help in improving the appearance of the tiles by re-grouting them. Also, if there are cracks anywhere then our experts will help you out by repairing them. Our professionals have also expertise in tile repairing. So, we can be your best selection for Tile and Grout Repair Near Me search. 


    Grout sealing Canberra


    Grout sealing

    Grout cleaning is necessary before sealing the old and dirty grouts. Our Grout Cleaning Canberra team helps in the easy cleaning of grouts at affordable rates. We reseal the grout lines with our quality normal or colour sealant to prevent any future staining. The sealant stops the grout’s direct interaction with the dirt and stains particles. The particles remain on the surface which can be easily removed with mopping.


    Silicon seal replacement Canberra


    Silicon seal replacement

    We help you improve the appearance of your bathroom, kitchen, and shower tiled areas. Thus, this service is suitable for areas that remain wet most of the time. It helps in keeping the shine of the tiles the same all the time.


    Epoxy Grouting Regrouting Canberra


    Epoxy Grouting & Regrouting

    Epoxy grouting is one of the best ways to repel stains, grime, and contaminants from your tile grouts. The grouts are made up of highly porous materials that attract soil, impurities and pollutants and make the entire tile surface ugly. That is when epoxy grouting comes to your rescue. You can rely on us while finding a Professional Tile Cleaner near me.


    Grout Colour Sealing Canberra


    Grout Colour Sealing

    In this technique, our experts will seal your grout lines using a high-quality colour sealer that will last longer. This process involves the application of epoxy based colour sealant to seal the grout lines. This epoxy-based sealant is used to make sure your grout stays safe from future staining. Also, with the use of epoxy grout colourant, you can stay at the peace of mind from the fear of chipped, peeling and cracking grouts.


    Stone Honing and Polishing Canberra


    Stone Honing and Polishing

    We also offer stone honing and polishing services in Canberra. We use very high-power machines to give your stones and tiles a reflective finish. The advanced technology removes scratches and marks from the floors that are not easy to remove and easily visible to all. Polished floors have small pores, which means fewer chances of dirt and grime accumulation in it.


    High-Pressure Tile Cleaning Canberra


    High-Pressure Tile Cleaning

    You may not consider tile cleaning in the areas where tiles get badly dirty and stained daily. The fact is that you need professional help for thorough and complete tile cleaning. Grease, oils, airborne particles and grime gets accumulated on these tiles are not easy to clean. Only the high-pressure cleaning method can be useful and effective. You can hire us while finding for Tile Cleaners Near Me.


    Efflorescence Treatment Canberra


    Efflorescence Treatment

    If you are seeing salt-like deposits on the corners and different places over your tiled areas then these are efflorescence. Need not worry much about this as it is a common problem. We are here with a professional team to clean and remove all types of problems from the tile and grouts.


    Tile Stripping and restoration Canberra


    Tile Stripping and restoration

    For the restoration work, we have to strip the tile and grouts that uproot them completely if required. There are different problems which can occur to the tile and grouts and some of them can not be fixed without stripping.


    Kitchen Tile Cleaning


    Kitchen Tile Cleaning

    Our tile floor cleaning services are also available for kitchen tiles. You hire our Professional Tile Cleaning team to restore the look of your kitchen tiles at affordable rates.


    Terracotta and slate sealing


    Terracotta and slate sealing

    We have professionals for Tile Removal Canberra and Terracotta and slate sealing services. Before sealing the tiles, we may need to remove some of the tiles. That is why our professionals work as per the needs of the customers.


    Concrete Sealing


    Concrete Sealing

    You have a concrete floor and sealing work is missing then you can trust us for this service. Also, you can hire us for the sealing of newly installed concrete or cleaned concrete at your home.


    The Area Specified Tile Cleaning Canberra and Sealing Service

    Different tile areas establishments are categorized into residential and commercial premises. Though there is no difference in terms of cleaning, we specify it for the clarity of the customers about the service.


    Tile and Grout Services Canberra

    Residential Tile and Grout Services

    We will help you service any part of your property including chimneys, pool desks, step and porch wash, patios, decks, window and window sills, driveways, stone surfaces, and brick walls. These are generally included in the residential tiled areas. We are available for you anytime in Canberra.


    Commercial Tile and Grout Services

    Our commercial areas of service include buildings, insurance companies, strip malls, townhomes, sidewalks, storefronts, pathways, and parking areas, etc. We own all the tools for the service as these are having hard to clean dirt and stains particles. Marks and scratches are also common in these areas. Our best grout cleaner Canberra professionals will make everything neat and clean for you.


    Tile and Grout Services Canberra


    Our Process For Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Canberra

    Tiles and the grout lines can be treated in several ways including many of the home DIY methods. Further, our professionals will ensure absolute cleanliness of the tiles and the grouts making them hygienic and healthy for use.


    Here is our tile cleaning process:


    Removal of coverings

    Our professional tile cleaners start the process by setting aside the small objects, rugs, mats and the floor coverings if any from the floor. This will help in cleaning each corner of the surface easily.



    Next, we apply a degreasing agent on the tiles and the grout lines. The cleaning agent is allowed to sit for 30 minutes. Thus, this helps in loosening the dirt, grease and other contaminants on the tiles.



    Next, with the help of special brushes, we agitate the surface and the grout lines to completely remove the grease and contaminants.



    We force the heated water under pressure on the tiles. This extracts out all the dirt in one go. It also helps in the removal of stains, germs, odours and allergens.



    We use high powered fans to dry the tiles leaving them shiny and new as before and as soon as possible.


    Process of Tile and Grout Sealing

    Application of sealants protects the tiles, grouts, keeps them clean and tidy for a long time and prevents penetration of moist and dirt inside them. The process is as follows:



    We start by checking the condition of the tiles and for the presence of any cracks and imperfections(only applicable in the case of old tiles).



    We then apply the sealer to the tiles and extract out residue before it dries out. In the installation of new tiles, it is very necessary to ensure that the sealants applied are dry before you make the house floor in use.


    Why Trust Fresh Tile Cleaning?

    We believe in providing efficient services to our clients. Our experience and proven track record allow us to handle the most complex tile and grout service requirements efficiently. Our tile and grout cleaning techniques can break down rigid, old and persistent stains. We can clean the tile surfaces without damaging any portion, and bringing it back to its former glory. As a customer you can expect the following things from us:

    • We pre-test and determine the type of stone and tiles so that we can ensure a safe service to you.
    • Further, our local tile cleaning experts in Canberra provide an additional inspection and tape off the area to protect the adjacent surfaces from any damage.
    • Also, if anytime you feel that the results are uneven and are not meeting your expectations, then our experts will re-clean the area until they have reached the optimal results.
    • Moreover, our tile and grout cleaning and sealing services are quick and reliable. The tiles are ready to use only after a few hours of service.

    So, call us today for the service and we will provide you with the schedule and quote for the service. No hidden charges are applied. Feel free to contact us anytime with your queries.


    Location:- Canberra, ACT, 2601, Australia

    Frequently Asked Questions on Tile and Grout Cleaning Canberra

    ❔ How does your process work for tile and grout cleaning in Canberra?

    📖 We spray an emulsifier, a cleaning agent that soaks into the grout and tiled floor and helps break up deposits of dirt and oils. Then, we clean the surface area with a vacuum cleaner and hot water.

    ❔ How much do you charge for tile and grout cleaning Canberra?

    📖 The price for tile and grout cleaning is based on several elements such as the type of stone, area of the floor, the distance of travel, single-story home or first-floor combo, furnished or empty dwelling. We encourage customers to call around for pricing.

    ❔ Will sealer prevent liquids from being absorbed?

    📖 Good question! Yes, the sealer will protect the grout for long from acidic base food, drink spills or urine. The lower the PH of the things getting absorbed by the grout, the faster the sealer will be broken down.