Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Tiles Cleaners

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Tiles in Melbourne

You opt in for tiling your floor, basically for two reasons- to improve and enhance the aesthetic value and the capacity to withstand wear and tear of traffic of your tiles. The grout is a synthetic liquid that holds the tiles in their places.

But over time, both the tiles and the grout get discolored, stained and worn out. If the tiles are installed in bathrooms, the mold, mildew can cause stains and hazards to health.  Hence, regular cleaning of tiles is essential for which you need to hire the Tile Cleaners Melbourne.

Tile Cleaners Melbourne

Tile Cleaners Melbourne

But before you do that, here is  a quick list of things that you need to take care of while choosing tiles in Melbourne:

  1. Color

    Before deciding the color scheme, you need to take into consideration, the color of the wall of the room, and furniture. Keep before you, the color wheel and look at the color of the walls and furniture. Choose the one that is harmonious and not hideous. It will then exhibit its real aesthetic value and will be pleasing to the eyes. You then have to choose the color of the grout; either to have a matching or a contrasting effect. The color combination of tiles and grout displays the overall look of your floor.

  2. Patterned or plain

    If you want plain walls, patterned tiles will be your best choice. You need to keep in mind that patterned tiles are comparatively costlier. Besides your current installation, replacement too will be costly.

    Next, you have to consider if you want a contrasting or a matching border. The border accent adds sophistication to your floor. In case you intend to have patterned wallpaper, you should be extra careful in order to avoid any clashing.

  3. Size

    Depending upon the dimensions of your room, the individual size of the tile will have a great impact on the overall look of the room. For instance, if you choose larger format tiles for your kitchen, it is likely to get lost. But if you choose larger plain tiles, an illusion of greater space will be created. In case your kitchen area is larger, you can opt for any size.

    Depending upon the design of your shower bench, you need to install smaller tiles for dealing with the curves and natural arcs.

  4. Layout

    Each style of the tile needs a definite layout design. For instance, you need to have a simple side by side layout for a patterned tile. Instead of patterned tiles, if you opt for plain tiles; you can have eye-catching designs such as the Herringbone or the Basket Weave for which you should have a metro shape or rectangular tiles. You have the option of adopting a simple horizontal, vertical design or modular floor design.

  5. Suitability

    One of the chief objectives of installing is withstanding the wear and tear caused by traffic. Therefore, you need to ascertain the suitability of the tiles before choosing the ones. For high traffic area, you need the ones that wear well. There are some that have good appearance but need extra care and maintenance

Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind while choosing tiles for your home or workplace in Melbourne. Once the installation is complete, don’t forget to take proper care of your tiles by cleaning them regularly or by hiring Tile Cleaners Melbourne.

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