The Process of Cleaning Tiles to Perfection

With time, the choices got to change. From marbles and granites, people are now preferring more of tiles, as they not only look great but are also available in various options, giving people more choices to opt from. But from all colour options, the major problem comes up with the white color tiles when it comes to tile cleaning, as any stain or dust is easily visible on white tiles and it became really important to keep them clean as it destroys the look of your complete interior.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

How to Keep your White Tile Clean?

You must have heard many methods and techniques to clean the tiles, but the major problem comes with white tiles as they need extra care and cleaning than any other color tiles. We, hereby, bring for you some major techniques which will keep the shine of your white tiles new.

  1. Vacuum and Sweeping: –

    The white tile needs extra efforts and so by vacuum and sweeping your tiles twice a day will help you. You can even use tile disinfection detergent while tile cleaning for better results. Vacuum cleaners help to clear the tiny dust from tiles and grouts making your tiles look cleaner. Always follow sweeping after vacuuming the tiles for effective results.
  2. Stain Removers: –

    Always keep a tile stain removal solution at your place so that you can use it instantly when some coffee or any tough stain product falls on the tile or get splatter on your wall tiles. The stain remover is always effective on the stains but sometimes, instance actions are more effective and give better results.
  3. Mop With Warm Water and Vinegar: –

    You must have heard that vinegar has the bleaching properties and so is used by many floor tiles regrouting specialists as well. All you need to do is just mix half a cup of vinegar in the warm water and mop it. You can even use it to clean the wall tiles. Do remember, after cleaning with vinegar, clean the tiles with clean warm water.
  4. Use of Ammonia: –

    Have you ever heard of using ammonia to clean your tiles? Don’t be surprised. Ammonia does have the tendency to clean the tiles making them look clean. You can’t use it directly on the floor. Just make a solution of water and ammonia at the ratio of 50:50 and scrub the area with a soft brush. After that, clean the floor with clean water.
  5. Clean Using Diatomaceous Earth Polite: –

    If you are willing to get your old tiles to look new and sparkling once again, mix any tile cleaner with diatomaceous earth poultice and spread it over the entire tile, apply some pressure to let it sit for a few minutes.  Use transparent plastic to cover it and remove when it got dry. Your white tiles will sparkle again.
Expert Tile and Cleaning
Expert Tile and Cleaning

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