Stone Grinding Melbourne


Stone Grinding Services In Melbourne

Are you in need of stone grinding services? Well, you must hire the best agency for this purpose. Hire us, Fresh Tile Cleaning. We would be the best choice for you. Our agency offers amazing stone grinding services in all parts of Melbourne. Being a local agency, we can cater to each and every area of this city. In fact, it becomes easy for us to provide the services in residential and commercial areas. All kinds of stone grinding services that we offer are affordable. So, get your service booked now. We also provide free quotes.

Reasons to do stone grinding

  • A flat smooth floor is always desired for aesthetic reasons.
  • Flat surfaces keep dirt and grime away from being accumulated
  • Flat smooth surfaces will definitely improve the quality of the stone
  • Stone grinding enhances quality, smoothness and natural color of the stone
  • Stone grinding removes stains that can’t be removed by cleaning
Stone Grinding Melbourne

Stone Grinding Melbourne

Stone Grinding, Honing, and Polishing

  • The grinding removes excess stone by using metal bonded diamond grit. However, the porosity of the stone remains intact and the process is dust free.
  • Honing involves a lesser aggressive approach as less coarse objects are used to smoothen the stone. The result is often a matte finish. Grinding and honing are similar and the former is often followed by the latter. Often grinding is skipped altogether as honing leaves a finer and smoother finish.
  • Polishing is a final stage when higher grit compounds are used to achieve a very smooth shining finish.

Grinding, honing and polishing are done in combination or in accordance with the requirement to achieve the best results.

Important things to keep in mind while hiring grinding services

  • The stone grinding process is absolutely safe as most care is taken by professionals to keep the surrounding areas protected. The chemicals are eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • All kinds of finishes are available for both indoor and outdoor areas. Stone grinding can be done on polished, porous, matte or pre-sealed surfaces.
  • All kinds of natural stone surfaces like marble, limestone, bluestone, granite, travertine, and sandstone are safe to do stone grinding and polishing.
  • Stone grinding usually doesn’t take very long time though it depends on the area of the surface to be done. Professionals can do it in a couple of days if the area is large enough.
  • A water-based sealer is recommended to be applied to make the stone grinding process and polish remain intact for a longer period of time.
  • Water is used in most of the processes as it minimizes the production of dust.
  • Only high-quality machines and non-toxic chemicals must be used to maintain the safety of the natural stones. The work should be done by reputed stone grinding professionals in Melbourne.
  • Customized procedures can be applied depending upon the need of the stone surface. Always aggressive grinding may not be required as only honing and polishing can be enough to bring back the luster.
  • It’s very important to ensure that the professionals are experts at their work and have enough skills and expertise to do the work without harming the natural stone.

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Why do you need stone grinding?

A smooth floor requires proper stone grinding, therefore, it is a must to do the process to retain the shine, shape, and tidiness of the stone. Also, grinding helps in removing the dirt and dust from the stone that helps to bring the natural colour of the stone.

Is it necessary to follow honing and polishing after stone grinding?

Yes, after stone grinding, honing is necessary to smooth the surface in a less aggressive way. After that, polishing is needed to achieve a smooth and shiny finish.

How to choose the best stone grinding expert?

A professional stone grinder will be able to serve you with both eco-friendly and chemical processes of stone grinding and polishing at a convenient price. Also, not all stones require the same process. Therefore, the expert must be able to serve you with different stone grinding techniques.

Is it possible to do stone grinding on your own?

No, you cannot conduct stone grinding at home, as it requires some tools and instruments that are costly to keep at home. Even if you own the instruments, stone grinding takes a lot of expertise and detailed knowledge. Without experience, you will end up ruining your floor. Therefore, hiring a professional agency from your locality will be the best for your stoned floor.

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