Why should I choose your company for tile cleaning?

We are well known as the finest tile and grout service providers in the town. We are into this industry for many years now. Fresh Tile Cleaning makes use of the best equipment and is capable of handling all types of floors and tiles. With our quality cleaning services, you will get pristine clean tiles and they will get a fresh and new look. So, call us now and book our cleaners and restore the new look of your Tiles & Grouts.

The duration of a sealer usually depends upon a number of factors such as hardness or surface texture and shape.  While the expected life of a clear sealant is usually 5 years, it can even go up to 15 years in some cases. It also depends on weather conditions, acidic cleaners, harsh cleaning methods etc.

Yes, just understand the fact that the use of neutral cleaner will bring the best outcome for your sealant floor. It also protects the shine of the tiles. It is advisable not to use hard cleaning substances like acid or harsh chemical cleaners. We suggest you apply mild cleaning agent and avoid bleach and another chemical which can cause a premature break down of the same.

Regular mopping only removes the surface level dirt but cannot make the tiles crystal clear. So, professional cleaning is required.

To clean the tile & grout of an average standard room, it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. Again it depends upon several more factors like the accumulation of dirt in the grout lines, the size of the tile, and room pattern. If the process also includes sealant, then the job may take 2–3 hours to complete the whole process.

My grout were looking black.

Fresh Tile cleaning services clean the grout and now look like the day we installed the tiles.

Thank you very much for Tile and Grout Cleaning 🙂




ANS: Yes, Fresh tiles cleaning is flexible with timings. We can work in the night as per your requirement.

Our 10 years of unbeatable record of absolutely satisfied customers gives us a cutting edge over our competitors. Even some of our customers are those who have felt unsatisfied by our competitors and chose us for tile cleaning. We have a reputation among our customers because of whom we get our business. Our latest methodologies, promptness, keen for details, courteous staff, bio-friendly cleaning solutions are some factors that add to our fame. However, if you are still not sure about our services then you can check out what our customers have to say about us on our Review Page.

NO! We never ever use non-toxic cleaning solutions for tile cleaning or any of our cleaning services. We adore our environment and we always invest in the right cleaning solutions that do our job without affecting the environment. Chemicals are dangerous for not just the environment but for everybody living in the premises. So, we completely avoid using any toxic elements.