How Do You Repair a Cracked Tile?

You might be very fond and choosey about your tiles at home, but sometimes even the best of the tiles come with a lot of extra effort behind them. The tile cleaning are sometimes very delicate, if something really heavy falls on them, they tend to crack. What do you do then? Go for all-new flooring? Not really.  

You need not hire a professional tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne as well. There are some very easy methods to fix your cracked tile and not worry a bit about ripping off the tiles around it. There are some techniques which will help you fix the tile once and for all but there are some others that will just help you tactfully hide the flaw. 

Tile Repair Service
Tile Repair Service

Some of The Easiest Ways to Repair Cracked Tile Are:

  • Mixing Some Matching Paint:

    This is a very useful and quick remedy to repair a cracked tile. All you need to do is get some matching paint, ensure that the paint matches more or less to the shade of your tile and use a cotton swab to dab the paint into the crack to fill it. This is an immediate remedy to your cracked tile cleaning. After filling the crack with the paint, let it dry for a few minutes. Once it seems dry, dab a damp cloth over the repaired tile. The job is done. Not until you look intently on the tile you will understand that the tile is broken.
  • Replace a Single Tile:

    This method can be done only if you have some spare tiles of the same design available at home. If you do, you can try by pulling out the broken tile gently. For this you need to add a rag on the cracked tile, when that is done you can gently hammer on the tile to break it further, ensuring that the tiles around it does not get damaged in the process. After the tile is broken, remove the pieces of the tiles completely. Use some adhesive to place the new tile in place of the old one and ensure that the fix is perfect and strong. Fill in the gaps between the tiles using some cement or putty or grout. Wipe off the tile with a damp cloth to ensure that the tile is fixed perfectly.
  • Epoxy Glue:

    You can use epoxy glue to fix the crack in the tile. For this all you need to do is buy some good epoxy glue available in the markets and make sure that you fill the crack completely with it. Let it dry and then wipe the area off with a damp cloth. After the process is done, you can paint the tile with some matching paint or to make your job easier further, you can mix the paint in the epoxy glue right at the start and then fill the crack with it to make it hide the flaw.
Best Tile Repair Service
Best Tile Repair Service

So what are you waiting for? tile repair Melbourne Services for those cracks tiles and also gives the best services of tile cleaning OR grout cleaning so, call us today and fix an appointment.

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