Stunning Tiles

Absolutely stunning tiles is what I am left with since your tile cleaners have left my house. I am in love with my shower area now. It looks beautiful with no stains at all. I even got grout sealing as per their suggestion and I guess it would be beneficial too. Thanks for a wonderful job. – Dylan Cossari

Can you provide any solution for grout cracks?

Yes, we do have services for fixing grout cracks. Give us a call and find out the details.

What kind of products do you use for tile and grout cleaning? Are they toxic?

We have specially created cleaning solutions that are used for tile and grout cleaning only. We are in love with our environment and we do not indulge in anything that would harm the environment. So we deal in only eco-friendly ingredients to make cleaning solutions. Our cleaning agents are tough on your tiles and grouts but they are harmless for your family, pets and environment.
None of our cleaning solutions are toxic. So you can be sure that you are safe with our tile and grout cleaning services.

How much will be the estimated cost?

In most of the cases, Fresh Tile Cleaning experts are able to provide you a free quote over the phone. However, in certain circumstances we need to visit your place, check the work needed to be done and the effort required. Then only our cleaners are able to provide you a free quote. The cost majorly depends on nature and size of the work. After giving you a free quote, when our certified and professional cleaners reach your place they pre-inspect your property and confirm the quote before starting the work. Everything is done after your approval only.

What is grout recoloring?

Grout recoloring is required when your grouts get dirty enough to be repaired or brought back to their original color. Grouts can sometime even fade when they have to go through a lot of foot traffic or if they are exposed to direct sunlight. In such a case, recoloring is a good option. It is the process in which a grout colorant is applied on the grouts to either change or enhance the existing color. Our certified cleaners have expertise in grout recoloring. You can take advice from our experienced cleaners about the best possible solutions for our grouts.

For whom do you carry out tile cleaning services?

We have been dealing in tile and grout cleaning services in Melbourne for the last ten years. We have a huge list of satisfied customers who keep coming back to us and also recommend our services to their friends and family. We cater to both residential as well as commercial tile cleaning requirements. We have cleaned thousands of tiles of private houses, leisure facilities, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, business property etc. Our professional cleaners have a skilled hand in tile cleaning so no job is too big or small for them!

How can I be sure of your services?

Our 10 years of unbeatable record of absolutely satisfied customers gives us a cutting edge over our competitors. Even some of our customers are those who have felt unsatisfied by our competitors and chose us for tile cleaning. We have a reputation among our customers because of whom we get our business. Our latest methodologies, promptness, keen for details, courteous staff, bio-friendly cleaning solutions are some factors that add to our fame. However, if you are still not sure about our services then you can check out what our customers have to say about us on our Review Page.

Do you use non-toxic cleaning solutions?

NO! We never ever use non-toxic cleaning solutions for tile cleaning or any of our cleaning services. We adore our environment and we always invest in the right cleaning solutions that do our job without affecting the environment. Chemicals are dangerous for not just the environment but for everybody living in the premises. So, we completely avoid using any toxic elements.

What to expect from Fresh Tile Cleaning service?

Fresh Tile Cleaners follow a four-step cleaning procedure to achieve spotless tiles! Here is the detail so that you know what to expect from us.

  1. First of all, our cleaners will figure out which type of floor/stone is there at your home/office. This helps them define the best procedure and cleaning solution for tile and grout cleaning and floor restoration.
  2. Next, they apply the most appropriate cleaning solution on tiles and grout that go deep within the tiles and grout surface to get rid of all stains from the floors. All our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly and have no harm on kids and pets.
  3. After this, your tiles will be properly scrubbed. Then our cleaners will use a rotor brush tool along with pressured hot water to break down soil, oil and dirt from the tiles. All of this is extracted using a strong vacuum that leaves nothing but gleaming tiles behind.
  4. Lastly, this vacuum system is used to dry your tiles.

Do you take guarantee for your tile and grout cleaning services?

Fresh Tile Cleaning Melbourne is completely responsible for its tile and grout cleaning services. Our cleaners are trained to provide only unmatched results and surprise our clients with unexpected quality of workmanship. We have had a successful past of providing satisfactory tile and grout cleaning services to all our clients in Melbourne and this further enhances our confidence in our performance. So, you can be assured that you will get guaranteed results when you hire Fresh Tile Cleaning Melbourne.

Can you remove water marks from my tile floors?

Fresh Tile Cleaning Melbourne cleaners have expertise in removing all kinds of stains from your tiles, including water marks. We have designed cleaning solutions in such a way that your tiles get a gleaming and polished look. We not just clean your tile floors but give them as good as new look!

Where are your tile and grout cleaning services available?

Fresh Tile Cleaning offers its complete range of tile and grout cleaning services in all suburbs of Melbourne. So whether you are located in Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western suburb we can be at your doorstep with one simple call! Give a new look to your tiles and grouts with our premium cleaning services at affordable prices.

Do you provide tile and grout cleaning on weekends?

Yes, the cleaners at Fresh Tile Cleaning Melbourne are available on weekends. Not just weekends but you can also make the most of our tile and grout cleaning services on public holidays too. With us, you don’t have to see your calendar, just pick up the phone and call us anytime!

How long will a sealer last?

The duration of a sealer usually depends upon a number of factors such as hardness or surface texture and shape.  While the expected life of a clear sealant is usually 5 years, it can even go up to 15 years in some cases. It also depends on weather conditions, acidic cleaners, harsh cleaning methods etc.

Can you change the colour of my tile grouts ?

Yes, We can change the colours of your existing grouts. Our grout specialist can show you all the colours available to choose from. If you like any specific colour which we don’t have on our list. You can always buy your own your favourite colours from Beginnings.


Refer to Fresh Tile & Grout Cleaning Procedure for Grouts Restoration Services. 

Should I use any type of floor cleaner if I have the sealant applied?

Yes, just understand the fact that the use of neutral cleaner will bring the best outcome for your sealant floor. It also protects the shine of the tiles. It is advisable not to use hard cleaning substances like acid or harsh chemical cleaners. We suggest you apply mild cleaning agent and avoid bleach and another chemical which can cause a premature break down of the same.

Why should I choose your company for tile cleaning?

We are well known as the finest tile and grout service providers in the town. We are into this industry for many years now. Fresh Tile Cleaning makes use of the best equipment and is capable of handling all types of floors and tiles. With our quality cleaning services, you will get pristine clean tiles and they will get a fresh and new look. So, call us now and book our cleaners and restore the new look of your Tiles & Grouts.

Should I get the tiles and the grouts cleaned up professionally?

Regular mopping only removes the surface level dirt but cannot make the tiles crystal clear. So, professional cleaning is required.

My work place is busy during the day time. Can you do my tiles cleaning after office hours?

ANS: Yes, Fresh tiles cleaning is flexible with timings. We can work in the night as per your requirement.

How long will it take to have my tile floor cleaned?

To clean the tile & grout of an average standard room, it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes. Again it depends upon several more factors like the accumulation of dirt in the grout lines, the size of the tile, and room pattern. If the process also includes sealant, then the job may take 2–3 hours to complete the whole process.

Grout Cleaning – No more black grouts

My grout were looking black.

Fresh Tile cleaning services clean the grout and now look like the day we installed the tiles.

Thank you very much for Tile and Grout Cleaning 🙂




Do I need grout lines to be sealed?

Grout sealant literally gives you more time to clean the dirt and spills before grouts absorb the same. Grout is a porous material and thus it tends to absorb everything faster. A sealant provides a protection layer so that the grouts can stay clean and healthy.