Common Tile and Grout Problems and How to Clean Them

The clean tile and grout play a vital role to have clean air inside the house. While avoiding the cleanliness of tile and grout can bring damage to the tiles as well as various communicable diseases to you and your family. To maintain your tiles clean we are enumerating below common tile and grout problems and ways to clean them.

Tile and Grout Cleaning
Tile and Grout Cleaning

Common Tile and Grout Problems and Their Solution

1. The Installation and White Residue

The installation of the tile leaves residues in a powdery form which get accumulated in the grouts. This powdery accumulation is the initiation for making your tiles dirty. And, the seepage of water underneath the tiles crystallizes water mixing with the minerals from water. The water crystals take the form of dirt and stains. This is a chemical stain and DIY methods will not be effective. So, you need to hire a leak detection professional to correct the leakage else problem can become very big.

2. Cloudy or Milky Tile Surface

The use of wrong cleaning solutions is the reason behind cloudy or milky tiles surface, as the scum or foam of such cleaning solutions is aggressive in nature. The harsh condition creates cloudy and milky tiles surfaces. You must get an assistant from a tile cleaning company about the type of cleaning solutions which would be fit for your tiles.

3. Dirty and Stained Grout

The positioning of the grout is always below the tile surface, in a way of scrubbing or mopping of the tiles surface the dirt get filled into grouts. As, we know that grout is porous in nature thus water and dirt enter into the grouts. The tiles get stained instantly, if not taken instant action then the stain will become permanent and you will have to call for Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners.

4. Removing Mould from Tiles

Bathroom and kitchens are the most vulnerable for the growth of Mould as these places often get soap foam, oil spills and other waste. The growth of mould happen very speedily and in a few days, they can cover all the tiles. You need to hire Professional for Tile and Grout Mould Removal because the DIY methods do not seem to be effective, as mould again start growing after you clean them.

5. Dirty or Stained Tile

It is impossible to stop dirt and stains to get in with tiles but we can ensure the regular sweeping of tiles which will minimise the dirt accumulation. If the dirt and stain will not be cleaned then they will damage the tiles and you will have to replace the tiles. It is better to keep an eye on the tiles and get them cleaned by the professional cleaners when needed.

Hire Professionals

You must hire professionals for Tile and Grout Cleaning, as we read that tile and grout cleaning needs specific cleaning solutions and tools for safe and effective cleaning. These tools are expensive and not within reach of all. DIY methods without proper guidelines can damage your tiles. So you can rely on our professionals as they are experienced and understand all types of tile cleaning problem.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning
Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

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