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Professional tile and grout cleaning is the best way to keep your kitchen, bathroom, and hall tiles lear by reading our tile & grout cleaning blog.

How Do You Repair a Cracked Tile?

You might be very fond and choosey about your tiles at home, but sometimes even the best of the tiles come with a lot of extra effort behind them. The tile cleaning are sometimes very delicate, if something really heavy falls on them, they tend to crack. What do you do then? Go for all-new… Read More »

How to Eradicate Black Mould From The Tiles?

Black mould or mildew is a fungus that can affect and infect any part of your home. Tiles and grout can trap mould spores and can get affected by black mould on contact with water. Tiles installed in our bathrooms and kitchens are very prone to the attack of black mould. Mould can appear as… Read More »

How to Remove Yellow Stains From Bathroom Tiles?

Tiles are the most common choice when it comes to floorings of our bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles add beauty, shine and luxury to any interior decor. Its highly suggested that you follow the routine cleaning of bathroom tiles from time to time. A bathroom is a place where there is always a presence of water… Read More »

Grout on Garden Tiles? Here is How Can You Get Rid of Them?

For cleaning floors mopping or wiping are the two methods which every house owner use in their daily life. But it is not important that with this dirt particles will permanently get removed. Because with high traffic this can take place again, so skipping wiping or mopping can be dangerous. If you have installed tiles… Read More »

The Process of Cleaning Tiles to Perfection

With time, the choices got to change. From marbles and granites, people are now preferring more of tiles, as they not only look great but are also available in various options, giving people more choices to opt from. But from all colour options, the major problem comes up with the white color tiles when it… Read More »

How to Clean Grout on Tile Floors with Hydrogen Peroxide

When you clean your tile surface, you may forget about grout cleaning. But grout cleaning is also essential to have well-appeared tile surface. Most of the homeowners consider that tile cleaning is enough but without cleaning grout, home cleaning is incomplete. So, when you start to clean your tile flooring, clean your grout too so… Read More »

How to Clean Grout Lines and Tiles in The Office

Offices should always be maintained for it to remain at its best conditions. This is not only achieved by ensuring the Walls are painted but also cleaning the grout lines and the tiles. Floors in an office are likely to wear and there quickly compared to that of an apartment hence should be taken good… Read More »

What to Look in Tile and Grout Company?

The appearance of our home matters a lot when it comes to putting a good impression on others. The floors are known to play an important role in improving the appearance of the house. Therefore, there are various types of flooring options a person can opt. There are many things which you need to look… Read More »

How Does Cleaning Shower Tile Make you Healthy?

Are you fed up with the dirty tile and floors? Then it is important to clean them for the clean and healthy environment of the house. The dirtiness on the floors and tiles make you susceptible to diseases and allergies. However, to avoid the diseases and infestation of the allergens and molds.  The bathroom area… Read More »

Methods for Protecting Grout from Staining

Everyone wishes to have a span and spick bathroom. The bathroom of a house is a personal and pious place and people wish them to look pretty as much as it is possible. The process of the tile and grout cleaning should always be consistent otherwise a person will have to go for dirty as… Read More »