8 Floor Repair Tips Every House Owner Should Know

8 Floor Repair Tips Every House Owner Should Know

Floor of your house is the most used area. Therefore, quicker and heavier wear and tear is obvious. As a prudent house owner, you must be using glazing tiles on your floor because it increases the aesthetic value of your house and increases the longevity and durability of your floor. Any kind of discoloring, scratching or lifting of tiles mars the whole appearance of your house. The best solution to such eventualities is floor repairing.

Tile and Grout Melbourne

Tile and Grout Melbourne

Below are the 8 Tile and Grout Melbourne tips that you should know to make the job easy and effective.

  1. Mending minor chips in tile

    If you find minor chipping and discoloration of certain tiles, the best solution here is to use a little amount of nail polish. There are as many colors of nail polish available in the market, as the shades of tiles. Pick up one after matching it with the original shade of your chipped tile. Just dab the nail polish, exactly on the chipped portion

  2. Larger chips

    Fill the larger holes or chips on your tiles with ceramic filler. Make an inconspicuous patching job by blending it with exactly matching colors. Once it dries, sand smooth and apply a protective layer of lacquer so that the color adheres to the filler and lasts longer.

  3. Cracked tiles

    Fill the cracks on the tile floor with silicone caulk. If the caulk becomes unsightly after it is dried, you should paint it so as to blend with the design of your tile. Since your tile handles constant traffic and the consequent friction, you can use oil-based or urethane-based paint for a more effective result.

  4. Broken tiles

    Broken tiles may pose a problem for you if you have not kept extra tiles as pares at the time of installation. Since they need replacement, you have to go in for buying exactly matching ones available in the market. In case you don’t get a lookalike, use a complementary pattern for creating a décor, such as the tile carpet

  5. Worn or outdated tiles

    If your tiles are excessively worn or if you feel monotonous due to the outdated design and color of your floor tiles, you can get a fresh color by painting them. Scrub the floor well and then sand the surface by a portable sanding machine. By using a sprayer or roller, cover the older ones with urethane-based or oil-based paint. After curing for 24 hours, seal them with floor finish.

  6. Loose tile

    After prying the loose tiles with a chisel, remove the old adhesive from the subfloor, coat it with fresh adhesive and put the tile onto it

  7. Cracked grout, crumbling or stained

    Replace the old grout with fresh one and leave it for two to three days for proper curing. Then, seal it against moisture and dirt.

  8. Complete replacement

    In case you want complete replacement, you can still do it by a repairing-oriented job. Instead of taking out the existing tiles, clean and dry the tile surface and install the new ones on it.

The above Tile Repairs Melbourne tips will save considerable amount of time and money.


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