10 super natural ways to clean Tiles and Grouts

By | April 25, 2018

The trend of tiles which have been adopted by the homeowners from the past few years is being admired for the elegance and enhancement that it adds to their infrastructures. Earlier were the days when the classy trends of tiles were embraced by hotel owners, showrooms, shopkeepers, or by the owner of the house just for their washrooms and kitchens. But present are the days when tiles are being embedded in their entire house because of the durability, cost-effectiveness, for protecting their floors and walls and the royalty that it adds to their entire infrastructure. Being available in different designs and colors these tiles are easy to purchase but challenging to maintain. Well! It is not about a month or year; it is definitely about the number of years; it is not about dirty or unattractive well it is about hygiene and health. It is natural; we all love to live healthy and hygienic life so we won’t risk our health with this unwanted dirt on grouts and tiles at our living place.


Kitchens and bathrooms are the places where grouts are easily filled up with allergens so, as a tile owner, you should always remember the fact that your tiles need regular clean up. Not only it    will maintain their good condition, but they will appear lustrous and attractive each time you enter your area. Ohh! Yeah you are worried about purchasing the expensive chemical bottles that ensure you with their long-lasting and remarkable effects on your tiles then don’t be.





Have a look at these supernatural cleaning hacks that will enhance the beauty of your tiles in just spending a few bucks.





Vinegar– Vinegar which is cheaper in the rate and easily available  in market and kitchen is the most usable product which works as a magic while cleaning the affected area. Vinegar works as a wonder when mixed with warmed water and applied to the stains and blemishes, it’s for sure and fast result will make you use this mixture again and again when your area will be in need of refreshment.




Salt- Besides creating wonders to the food this most usable kitchen ingredient is used wisely to do some magical cleaning. For cleaning up, you need to keep the area wet, and start your process by sprinkling generous amount of salt in the grout lines and let the mixture sit overnight. This overnight procedure will not only cleanse the zone but will also kill single-cell organisms, like mold, by dehydrating them.




Lemon Extract– you may have heard long lasting and sublime benefits of lemon on your skin, but lightening up satins and removing blemishes of tiles and grouts is the other wonderful effect that favors thousands of housewives. Being acidic in nature, lemon creates an uninviting environment to these creepy single-celled organisms and let you easily get rid of them.




Baking Soda- If you are looking for something that will minimize the spot and vanish away the blemishes than frequently using baking soda over your tiles and grouts will woo you with the heavenly effects. Besides this making its mixture with warm water, vinegar or lemon will be the other admired ways.




Dehumidifier– As humidity is being considered as the major cause that is responsible for making your tiles looks old and unattractive so, reducing the humidity by opening windows or by using dehumidifier will automatically lessen up the growth of mold and mildew over your tiles.




Borax- Ahh! Other surprising name in this list “borax”, yes! You heard it right being alkaline in nature this mineral is effective at sterilizing, cleaning, and purifying. Further, when mixed with liquid dish soap this mixture work as a miracle on your tiles. To make a mixture mix together one to two gallons of warm water with 1/3rd cup borax, a teaspoon of liquid dish soap and apply this to the affected area and let the mixture create wonders overnight.




Coca-Cola- This strong drink which is ruling many hearts do not need any introduction, you may have surely read the number of articles in a newspaper that usually remind us about the effects of cola to our health and continuously named it as the cleaning agent. Little you may have heard that cola is great for cleaning tiles and grout! Due to its strong acidic property, cola can be used to remove stains and dirt from the grouts. For better result, pour a bit of cola onto the area, let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe clean the area and enjoy the clean environment of your living.




Hydrogen Peroxide– Hydrogen peroxide is a wonderful natural fungicide and whitening agent that is predominantly used for sanitizing cuts. If mixed with baking soda these agents will double its effects. For preparing this magical mixture combine baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Spread onto grout and let it sit for about an hour. Scrub the grout with the hard side of a sponge to remove the dirt. Wipe or mop away the paste and welcome the amazing result.




Oxiclean- Yes, you heard it right! Oxiclean is one of the other easiest ways to clean your tiles and grouts just within 30 minutes. If your grout needs a thorough cleaning then it is the best way to make them brighter and stainless without harming the grout. To clean your tiles,you just need to make the thick mixture of Oxiclean and water and apply it to the stained area and leave it for 30 minutes. After the considered period, scrub the area with old brush and be ready to get amazed with the result.




Steam cleaning- Now if you are among the one who finds difficult to prepare the mixtures then cleaning them after applying, then steam cleaning will be the best option that will suit your taste. Attach a small brush to the steam lance and begin by steaming straight onto the grout line. As dirt will be lifted from the grouts without any effort, these steam cleaners will ensure you with the best result.

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